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12 Position Intake Adaptor
Simple Wiring Harness Horizontal Engines; Clutch Cable, Perch & Lever;

Horizontal Engine: CDI; Coil; Rectifier; Starter Relay.

Simplest wiring for non-electric start engine to run.

6 Volt System Using a 12 Volt Engine Stator

of wiring color differences Old Style


Dear Customers,


It has been brought to our attention that our wiring harness’s color coding doesn’t match our wiring diagrams.  This isn’t a problem in itself, but can be quite confusing.


The solution to this problem is easily solved by following these basic instructions.  The ignition coil, engine and CDI modules are consistent in wire colors or orientation.  Kill switches are made up of a hotwire and a ground.  Please use the plug on our wiring harness as the base for all orientation.  Please disregard the actual colors included on our pigtail.  Only use these wires as tracers for connecting the correct wires to corresponding components.  An example could be to inspect the harness’s wire which corresponds to the upper left side of the CDI module.  From the diagram, we know that this is considered a Blue / White and needs to be attached to the engine’s Blue / White.  It doesn’t matter what color the harness’s wire is in actuality, only that it is attached to the correct wires at both ends.  If we reference the diagram again and see the upper right side is labeled as Black/Yellow, we know that the wiring harness wire that matches this location on the plug must be traced and attached to the Black/Red wire on the engine.  Please follow this logic for all of the pictured connections.


Hooper Imports LLC wishes to give the best information to it’s customers as possible.    We often receive merchandise from more than one supplier and communication and coordination can be difficult.  We hope that this note will reduce any confusion.




Larry Hooper


Hooper Imports LLC


Try This

Engine  blue/white to harness Red/white
Engine  red/black to harness red/yellow
Engine  green to cdi green
Coil  black/white to harness blue/yellow
Coil green to ground
harness  black/white to your wire to kill switch or key to ground
this is all you need to run you do not need battery or charging system
The Greenplug is for a gear and neutral indicator and is not used on most applications.
Right right-line
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